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Body Essence Yoga

"The Quality of Time you give yourself is of the Essence"

Carseldine, Queensland


  1. 10:00 amhatha1h 15mMichelle Rossi
    { first: 'Michelle', last: 'Rossi' }
    10:00 am hatha for 1h 15m with Michelle Rossi

    Body Essence classes are catered to all levels of fitness, slowly flowing with movement and breath, to gain flexibility, strength and inner peace.

  2. 6:30 pmhatha1h 15mMichelle Rossi
    { first: 'Michelle', last: 'Rossi' }
    6:30 pm hatha for 1h 15m with Michelle Rossi

    This class will suit any fitness level, developing flexibility, strength and inner peace as you flow with movement and breath finding centre and balance