October Calm Living Meditation Course


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13 Norval Court, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558, Australia
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Monday, 13 Oct 2014
$125 for 5 classes



"A life without meditation just feels like it's missing something.  It's a little empty somehow.  When I'm meditating, all the pieces of my life almost miraculously seem to fall into place. It's quite incredible really " Michael Daly - founder of Calm Living Meditation.    The Calm Living Meditation course  is the ideal environment to learn everything you need to know in order to establish an effective practice of meditation in your life.   Meditating in the presence of a highly experienced teacher while in a supportive group environment makes learning meditation that much easier. During this 5 week meditation course you will:
  • Learn four simple yet incredibly effective methods of mindfulness meditation.  

  • Re-discover the benefits of correct stress free breathing. 

  • Learn the art of instant mental relaxation. 

  • Receive a comprehensive written guide to meditation, your mind and all the practices.

  • Use a workbook to gradually deepen your self awareness over these 5 weeks.

  • Receive a guided meditation CD to support your learning at home.

  • Be with other other like minded people. 

Monday nights in Maroochydore