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68 Racecourse Road, Hamilton, Queensland, 4007, Australia
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Friday, 19 Aug 2016 to Saturday, 20 Aug 2016
Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 9am - 4pm
07 5446 3224


Counselling for Yoga Teachers

  • Discover and develop your style of counselling
  • The secrets of the 10 minute therapy session
  • Provide emotional first aid to raw emotions
  • Finish your sessions and classes on time, every time

About Todd: Trained as both a clinical psychologist and a yoga teacher, Todd is able to understand the needs of yoga teachers when assisting their students.  Todd is a life long learner of both yoga and therapeutic approaches so that he can deliver very clear, modern best practices for Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists.

Building Confidence for Yoga Teachers - For the shy & unsure yoga instructors!
  • Build your presence with potent physical and energetic practices
  • Develop confidence in your unique gifts as a yoga teacher
  • Explore how your roadblocks to teaching or success may actually be your super power!
  • Experience your voice as a clear transmission of your mind-body-connection
  • Learn secrets to grow your class numbers, no matter what the time slot

About Vanessa:  During my first student teaching session I literally ran and hid, but was gently coaxed back out to teach.  From very wobbly beginnings, my confidence grew class by class until I now feel comfortable teaching to large audiences at festivals.  Along this 20 year journey I have picked up many tools that I would love to share with shy and unsure yoga teachers to fill them with confidence to shine their light and joy into the world.

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday - Counselling Skills for Yoga Teachers
with Todd Zemek

Sunday - Building Confidence as a Yoga Teacher
with Vanessa Rudge