Calm Living Meditation Retreat


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33 Johnsons Road, Eudlo, Qld, 4554
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Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 to Sunday, 2 Aug 2015
Dorm $450; Twin Share $470; Single Option $520 (may not be available)
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Of everything studied in the field of health and wellbeing over the last 30 years, nothing has shown more promise than the simple art of mindful meditation. It's quite amazing really. By doing virtually nothing, so much is achieved!

Meditation is the art of simply bringing your mind home for short moments, repeated many times.

That's it.

In learning and more importantly practicing this artform your brain changes, your physiology changes and your awareness shifts. You open into an entirely different side of your being.

This is the source of great healing, great compassion, great wisdom and great love. Meditation changes everything.

Meditation should be relaxed and wonderfully enjoyable. It's about learning to be with yourself in an easy going way. You make peace with yourself. You become your own best friend.


This August, Michael Daly of Being Yoga presents a 4 day meditation retreat at the beautiful Chenrezig Buddhist Institute on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Michael has been a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher for nearly 20 years. He has studied under numerous teachers in the yogic and buddhist tradition around the world as well as being a student of Ken Wilber's modern integral movement.

He has a deep knowledge of pscyhology, kinesiology and brain science along with esoteric teachings and ancient traditions. His teachings are designed to honour the vast legacy of meditation teachings whilst also recognising the need to adapt them to modern times.

Not everyone has 3 hours a day to meditate. In the Calm Living programme, 4 key practices are taught over the retreat that are designed to help you create a potent shift in your body and mind in the shortest time possible. The format of the retreat will be as follows:

6am Silent morning meditation

7am Breakfast

9 - 12 am 3 x 40 minute periods of both guided and silent meditation followed by 20 minute breaks.

12 noon Lunch

2-4pm 2 x 40 minute periods of guided and silent meditation followed by 20 minute breaks.

4.30pm 60 minute gentle yoga practice to release tension in hips, neck, back and shoulders.

5.30pm Supper

7pm Evening Meditation Talk with Question and Answer session.

8.30 30 minute final meditation

Day 2 & 3 of this retreat are held in silence. The remaining days are an opportunity to share and connect with others.

This retreat is suitable for both brand new students and experienced meditators. The aim of the Calm Living retreat is to provide space and time for you to practice and learn meditation in a supportive environment. This will be a profound 4 days of your life.


Included for Dorm $450; Twin Share $470; Single Option $520 (may not be available)

The price covers all accomodation, meals and tuition.