Artful Yoga Adjustments Training


Map of Maroochydore, QLD
Maroochydore Studio, 6/13 Norval Court - The Corporate Ctr, Level 1, Maroochydore, QLD
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Saturday, 26 Oct 2013 to Sunday, 27 Oct 2013
(07) 5446 3224


Many teachers comment that after finishing their Level 1 training they get a little stuck in old routines and then find it difficult to safely adjust their students.

In this short, punchy two day module you will practicing hands on adjustments for all the basic and more complex postures. Become a confident adjustor so that your students may benefit from your healing touch.

In addition, an exciting new form of energetic enhancement will be taught.  These empower your students to discover their own inner alignment through different forms of adjusting and touch.  The principles of energetic enhancement work more with lines of energy rather than just the classical structural corrections.  They are a powerful method whereby teachers can directly interface with students while still allowing the student to explore their own body and not feel that they are being ‘fixed’.