Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing


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Maroochydore Studio, 6/13 Norval Court - The Corporate Ctr, Level 1, Maroochydore, QLD, Australia
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Friday, 4 Apr 2014 to Sunday, 6 Apr 2014
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This is a 3 day immersion in creative vinyasa yoga sequencing, suitable for teachers and experienced students.

Vinyasa yoga is the modern canvas for creative, evolutionary yoga practice in the west. It is the world’s fastest growing style of practice. Teaching great vinyasa is an artform. It’s both serious and playful, structured and organic, ancient and evolving. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the delicious experience of vinyasa yoga – there’s no time like the present.


Being a great yoga teacher really comes down to your own attitude as a practitioner. There’s no substitute for the hours you put in on your own mat. When you’ve fallen in love with the way yoga makes you feel, when you’ve learned the art of sequencing different class flows for yourself depending on your health, your mood, the weather and the seasons then you’re ready to empower your students to feel the same.

This level 2 yoga training course is about you learning something new - challenging your body with advanced postures, deepening your practice through enlivening pranayama and inspiring your teaching toward new heights. Not only will your body love you for it your students will as well.


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Cost includes comprehensive manual.