Yogic Studies Residential Workshop


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74 Grayden's Rd, Tyabb, VIC, 3913, Australia
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Friday, 17 Oct 2014
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The Yogic Studies Weekend is a residential workshop - a weekend of immersive Classical Yoga and Meditation.  It is fun, and challenging.  We explore some key aspects of Classical Yoga - asana, still-mind meditation, mindful self exploration, and a taste of Patanjali's Sutras.  This workshop is designed for teacher trainees, especially those studying by distance education.  For teachers who want to brush up on their knowledge, or those who are about to begin teacher training, and would like a taste of things to come, or those who simply enjoy a more studious Yoga weekend than the average weekend retreat would offer.

What does one do on a Yogic Studies Residential Workshop?


Anatomy and Asana:
We explore anatomy, the muscular and skeletal system and the physiology of movement, in relation to Asana. Over the course of the weekend, we will have Classical Yoga classes that are focused towards the Yoga teacher - exploring physiology and anatomy as we move through the asanas.

Still-mind Meditation:
Deep, extended meditation is the essential practice of non-dualist spirituality. The space that is at once the deepest spiritual state of the individual, and the space where individual functioning is optimised in many, many ways.  

During the weekend we will have some Mindful Self Enquiry, exploring the mind and it's thought processes through empathy, pratyahara, and a process that draws upon Patanjali's Sutras and Classical Yoga.

Yoga Darshan:
We will explore just how challenging the perspective of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras really is.  We'll explore the reasoning and progression of the Sutras, and how they reflect non-dualist spirituality.

In addition to the workshop program, you will also enjoy:

  • Food that's yummy, healthy, and harmless to animals.
  • Chanting and chatting with like-minded people.
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation.
  • The tranquil rural setting on the Mornington Peninsula.

Contact ACCY for bookings or further details.

Yoga Australia CPD points apply.

Included for $415

The cost of this residential retreat is $415, which covers your food, accommodation, and the workshop programme.