Mind full, or mindful?
Mind full, or mindful?


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Friday, 27 May 2016
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If you only had one moment, would you wish it away?  Or live it...


Mindfulness is known to be a wonderful way to become focused on what is happening right now instead of preoccupying ourselves with what has happened or what might happen.  A huge body of research shows that this is very therapeutic!  We become more peaceful, more robust, and more able to handle what might have seemed overwhelming. 


Learn more about this practice - living mindfully is practice in everyday activity.


About Mataji:


An adept of the traditional way, Swami Shantananda (Mataji) is highly experienced in all issues of mindfulness and meditation.  She teaches meditation and mindfulness and trains meditaiton teachers.  She has postgraduate qualifications in Health Psychology, and is endorsed by ATMA, the national association for meditation teachers.

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