Introduction to Sanskrit


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Saturday, 18 Aug 2012
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You’ve adopted Om Namah Shiviah as your mantra. You know the names of the major Asana poses and when someone says “citta vrtti nirodha” you don’t respond with a polite “Bless you.” You’ve even managed to memorise some of the words to the ‘Perfect Song’. Now you want to know – what does it all mean?

Okay, so you won’t learn fluent translations of the entire Krishna Das collection in one day. But this intensive does aim to teach you the basics. Why are there four different spellings of Shavasana? Why do we call it Bhujangasana instead of Cobra? This is a day to investigate the origins of the Sanskrit language and the roots of the words we hear daily in relation to yoga. With this understanding, you may be able to gain a deeper insight into the yogic life and its origins, and have fun too!

We will:

  • Become familiar with the alphabet
  • Learn about pronunciation
  • Learn about Sanskrit text conventions – writing, punctuation
  • Learn how to consult the dictionary, hard copy and online
  • Learn just a bit about grammar
  • Work out the construction of a line or two of Sanskrit
  • Learn to read and write the first five Yoga Sutras
  • Write your name in Sanskrit

Nothing too hard, anyone could work with the content of this day. This much fun might prompt you to really learn Sanskrit!