This is where we work unless we are outside.
This is where we work unless we are outside.


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Map of Kundabung, New South Wales
286 Silo Road, Kundabung, New South Wales, 2441, Australia
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Tuesday, 26 Dec 2017 to Sunday, 31 Dec 2017
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This season is the safest and easiest season to learn how to clear and clean the body. We learn how to realign the soft organs in the abdomen and how to untangle ligaments, nerves, vessels and muscles for each other. Each day we work a different element, with the appropriate yoga, how that element works and how to repair and maintain it.

We also learn how to isolate, purify and reunite the three alchemic essences, Mercury, Sulphar and Salt, or in modern terms Alcohols, Oils and Salts,


Included for $480

$420 for classes
$60 for food
accommodation - tent, caravan site or dormitory is free

Schedule / Itinerary

Please arrive on the Tuesday, any time, so that we can all start togrther early on Wednesday. If you miss any of the morning yogas, especialy the first one, it leaves a serious gap in your energies

- Sat 10-12-16 to Wed 14-12-16

Leave Tuesday morning, or later

.Morning  2 Hrs Yoga Asna    2 Hrs Partner Stretch

Afternoon  2 to 3 hrs Healing technics and theory

EveningYoga Nidra of that element - guided meditation mapping where the element is in the body.