Visuddhi Cakra - The centre of communication


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Saturday, 5 Apr 2014 to Saturday, 5 Apr 2014
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This 3 hour workshop will focus on exploring the throat cakra, the centre of our communication.

The throat cakra is the bridge between our heart and mind, a place that carries our sound/voice. When linked we are able to express ourselves with calm and clarity.

Visa: poison / suddhi: purify… This cakra gives us the opportunity to find our voice, to purify the poison we sometimes swallow or spit out.

This workshop will: 

  • Look briefly at the related organs their function but particularly how the traditional yogis viewed this centre.
  • Explore symbols (yantra), sound/chant, and other yoga tools such as asana, pranayama and meditation, in order to explore and experience this energetic centre.

Presenter: Kelly Davies.

Kelly has been a student and teacher of yoga since 2004, in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. She has particular interest in meditation, the energetic system, the use of sound and art as a way to explore and express ourselves.

The tools of Yoga give us the opportunity to take a journey that is internal and eternal. To build a strong foundation within that will support and empower us through times of change.

Booking is essential :
Investment $40

It will consist of theory and practice.
Please brings journal and or paper, pens, pencil to draw.

Included for $40

 Investment: $40.00.