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Monday, 17 Jun 2013 to Friday, 21 Jun 2013
$14.50 - $18 / class
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Naomi Sugiyama (Fitzpatrick)

Naomi grew up in Japan, and began travelling 15yrs ago and is now settled in Margaret River, WA. She began studying Vedic chant in Chennai (KYM) India in 2007.

When one of her Vedic Chant Teacher’s told her to start teaching 3 years ago, she began teaching in meditative practice and now also teach Vedic chant classes.

Naomi completed a Vedic Chanting Teacher Training under KYM in 2011.

In the past she has held a number of workshops with Sound in Yoga and her main interest is in Vedic Chant, Philosophy and Meditative practice.

Her approach of teaching Sound in Yoga practice is to give opportunities for the students to experience sound, and create a space to find out what they know and what you don’t know YET about themselves.

As well as teaching group Vedic Chant classes, Naomi also teaches one-on-one classes that are designed specifically for each individual’s needs and interests in a range of areas:

  • Vedic Chanting; Yoga Sutra Chant;
  • Chanting as meditation (repetition of short form of chants) OR
  • Sound with mixed tools of yoga (movement, hand gesture or breathing with mantra etc).

Included for $14.50 - $18 / class

Casual 1 hour $18

5 card pass: $75

10 card pass: $145