Foundation (1) 5wk course (starts Sept 9)


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216 Richardson Street, Middle Park, Vic, 3206, Australia
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Monday, 9 Sep 2013 to Monday, 7 Oct 2013
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A 5 week course that provides an overview of the fundamentals of yoga practice, either for absolute beginners or those wanting to learn more about yoga principles to enhance or deepen their existing yoga practice.

You will become more familiar with key yoga postures (asana-s), the connection of breath with movement and experience how yoga can improve wellbeing, increase strength & flexibility and bring overall balance to calm your mind.

This course also provides an introduction to prepare you to comfortably attend any of the centre’s regular classes at a time that suits you.

An additional 5week course Foundation (2) will be offered at a later time

  • To review all of the different ways of moving your body- in forward, back and side bending; twisting and inversions.
  • To explore your breath more deeply
  • To understanding the best modifications for either your body or breath, to get the most out of your yoga practice


Included for $75

This is for a 5 week course of weekly 1 hour classes. Mondays.