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Map of Middle Park, Vic
216 Richardson Street, Middle Park, Vic, 3206, Australia
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Friday, 22 Nov 2013 to Sunday, 24 Nov 2013
$20 / $25 / $30 / $40
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The theme for this weekend is to find balance and harmony in our lives. The focus of each session will be to find ways to work with the energetic extremes that we can all experience, that if left unchecked, can develop into very deep and pervasive imbalances like anxiety and depression.


Practices, workshops and presentations will:

  • provide the experience of pacifying and stimulating yoga practices that have the potential to restore balance and harmony
  • offer medical and psychological and therapeutic yoga perspectives on Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and other associated imbalances
  • offer Yoga Therapy Research Papers on a wide range of conditions where there is imbalance and disharmony
  • present case studies where yoga therapy is used as an effective intervention to offset agitation, anxiety, depression and associated conditions
  • show how yoga and yoga therapy can work in a complementary way with other health modalities
  • offer workshops and experiences to enhance our energetic capacity to be expansive and open-hearted

“Without the opposite ends we would never see the harmony in this soul’s journey or in the play that is in life. We need to both see the dark to move to the light and also to see the gift both have to offer as we move and fluctuate in the journey to making the beautiful music of the soul.” – Radha Thiel (Adelaide)

Included for $20 / $25 / $30 / $40

1hr practice $20; 1.5 hour Presentations $25; 2 hour Presentations $30; Sunday Workshop $40

Also available: 1/2/3 Day passes - please apply