Explore our capacity to deepen the connection to our Body, Breath and Mind.


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216 Richardson St, Middle Park, VIC, 3206, Australia
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Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 to Thursday, 13 Oct 2016
9am - 5pm
0439 358 021


9am–5pm. Friday, Saturday & Sunday 14, 15, 16 OCTOBER 2016. 
CEU: Explore our capacity to deepen the connection to our Body, Breath and Mind.
Each year Āgamā provide the opportunity for Continued Education Units (CEU) for yoga students, yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Friday 14:
AM & PM: Modifications/Observation (Pariksa). Presenter – Caroline Stuart
PM: Vedic Chant.

Saturday 15:
AM: A Deeper Connection with Body (Asana done more as a sadhana – a spiritual practice). Presenter – Barb Brian and Leanne Gillies
PM: A Deeper Connection with Breath (Prānāyāma with ratio and Bandha). Presenter – Barb Brian
PM: Vedic Chant.

Sunday 16: “Yoga In Mind”.
AM: Yoga view of the Mind / Yoga Therapy with Case Studies. Presenter – Barb Brian – Yoga Therapist.
PM: Psychotherapy Approach/View of Mind. Presenter – Sal Flynn – Yoga Therapist.
INTRODUCING SAL FLYNN: Sal Flynn is a Yoga therapist, psychotherapist and educator. Her formal and informal training blends the disciplines of Yoga, psychotherapy, education, contemplative practice, the arts and mind/body awareness practices. Underpinning her work is more than 30 years of practice and study in the eastern traditions, along with education and internships in Western psychotherapy and Yoga therapies both in Australia and India. Sal’s practice is rooted in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya. As a yoga teacher and therapist she emphasises the intimate interplay of the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual to bring all dimensions of embodied being into awareness. Sal has a private practice where she see’s clients in Byron Bay and via Skype, she runs workshops and trainings for Yoga teachers and Counsellors nationally and internationally.

PM: Vedic Chant.

The workshop is suitable for all levels from yoga students; yoga teachers; yoga therapists.
Come and join us at Āgamā in the exploration.
Investment: ½ Day $65; 1 Day $100; 1 ½ Day $140; 2 Day $180. Note: Ocean Grove trainee Yoga teachers receive a concession price. AYC trainee Yoga Teachers, cost included in course fees.
Bookings are essential. 
Contact: E: Barbara Brian  M: 0439 358 021

A detailed Timetable for Āgamā’s CEU event will be posted soon.