The World's Longest Yoga Chain


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Sunday, 20 Oct 2013
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Be part of an historic event that combines yoga, fun and supporting women with breast cancer. Join hands with hundreds of yogis, friends, mums, dads and kids to create the longest yoga chain in the world.

You don’t even have to be bendy to join in. If you can stand, sit or lie down, then you’re fit and flexible enough to take part (we’ve yet to find anybody who can’t do Savasana – lying down on your back and relaxing)! 

If you’re looking for a more vigorous yoga challenge, there will be a pre-event warm up class to get your body moving and your energy levels soaring. 

Bring your entire yoga class, sports team or office and join in the Team Challenge. There are medals for the biggest team on the day and a luxurious yoga retreat for the individual who raises the most funds!

Just $35 registration gets you a spot on the mat and a place in yoga history – all without having to touch your toes! 

About the World’s Longest Yoga Chain

Yoga and meditation have been shown in many studies to provide valuable benefits to cancer patients. This event is part of Adore Yoga’s Pink Yoga program, a not for profit initiative that makes yoga and meditation freely available to women with cancer. 

Three Ways to Participate:

1.    Smash the Guinness World Record Attempt: 
At just $35, you can hold a place in yoga history. Simply click on the REGISTER NOW button to register your participation.

2.    Create or Join a Team: 
There’s a trophy for the biggest team on the day! After registering, click on Join or Create a Team when you have set up your supporter page (on the right of your supporter page).

3.    Raise Funds: 
Get everyone you know to sponsor you in breaking the world record. If you can’t come along yourself, sponsor one of our participants by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.

Included for $35

$35 Registration fee, all profits of Cancer Council NSW