Tamara Graham

Tamara Graham

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Tamara Graham's approach is based on the awareness that within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy. Yoga is the tool that helps us recover our natural peacefulness and to know the true brilliance of our souls. Tamara's love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; you will be inspired to realize the goal of yoga, enlightenment. Tamara's passion for yoga was kindled at the age of fourteen and she has been practicing meditation since 1986. Formerly a special education teacher, Tamara is able to pace the class to suit multiple levels and abilities so that everyone regardless of age, experience or background feels welcomed, supported and challenged. Tamara has extensive experience teaching students with needs as varied as New York marathon runners to cancer patients to fellow yoga teachers as well as busy CEO's and company executives. Tamara has studied with many internationally renowned yoga teachers including Dharma Mittra, Pattabhi Jois, Yoganand, Rod Stryker, Doug Swenson, Richard Freeman and Baron Baptiste. From 1999 - 2004, Tamara studied, and taught group and private yoga classes for both adults and children in New York. While living in the U.S., she studied with Yogiraj Alan Finger of ISHTA Yoga and received Yoga Alliance certification in the ISHTA system of yoga. ISHTA -the Sanskrit word meaning personalized- is a physical and spiritual form of yoga that addresses the individual needs of each student. ISHTA also stands for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. Hatha is the physical practice of yoga that creates balance. Hatha practice purifies the body to prepare it for experiencing higher levels of consciousness, particularly uninterrupted bliss. Tantra is the yogic philosophy that recognizes the perfection in all beings and Ayurveda is the ancient, holistic Indian science of healing enabling a long life. Since moving to Australia and establishing Tamara Yoga in Perth, Tamara has travelled back to New York to undertake further one to one studies with Alan Finger. Yogiraj Alan inititiated Tamara to transmit Shaktipat. Tamara is honored to represent ISHTA Yoga in Australia.

Tamara is an E-500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Recognition as a Registered Yoga Teacher is only granted after demonstration of qualifications via an application process. Yoga Alliance is the international professional organization that provides certification for yoga teachers who have qualified for acceptance by meeting educational standards, background and experience criteria that assure the practicing public of a safe learning environment.

Tamara is registered as a Senior Teacher and the Tamara Yoga Teacher Training Course is recognised by Yoga Australia (formerly The Yoga Teachers Association of Australia.)

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Training Provider in Claremont, WA

Tamara Yoga Teacher Training programs are comprehensive, offering intensive instruction in a small group environment to maximize learning. Courses includes 2 year 350 hour course.

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Studio in Claremont, WA

Tamara Yoga classes are a dynamically energetic, uplifting, experience. The Tamara Yoga approach is based on the awareness that within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy.

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Studio in Bibra Lake, WA

If you’re into yoga, you’ve probably heard of Tamara Yoga- well known for their high standard of dynamic and nurturing yoga classes in Claremont and blissful yoga retreats in Margaret River and Bali. Acknowledged for teaching authentic yoga, Tamara Yoga is an internationally recognized Teacher Training school. Every Tamara Yoga teacher is a highly qualified graduate from the school’s rigorous two-year teacher training programme.

The good news is, Tamara Yoga is expanding to South of the River, opening a new studio in Bibra Lake at a beautiful property called the Bibra Lake Urban Eco Farm, next door to the Steiner school, on the corner near Adventure World. The new studio location is tremendously peaceful, surrounded by trees; it's a little piece of the countryside right in the metro area.

Research has shown that practicing yoga can be beneficial in healing or managing high cholesterol, chronic back pain, migraine headaches, bronchial asthma, insomnia, unexplained infertility, PMS, anxiety, depression and stress related disorders. Clinical evidence indicates yoga is beneficial for curing heart disease, improving strength and flexibility, improving sleep, balance, dexterity, and endurance. Yoga increases energy, concentration, attention, memory and well-being. Yoga improves posture, moves the joints through full range of motion, helps prevent osteoporis and increases happiness.

If you’re new to yoga and feel that yoga might be good for you, Tamara and her teachers warmly invite you to class. There’s such a welcoming atmosphere in every class, you’re bound to feel at home. Visit www.tamarayoga.com or call 9385 2242 for more information. Tamara Yoga Bibra Lake, located 22 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake.

Tell people about the way you teach yoga and how yoga has influenced your life

Tell people about the way you teach yoga and how yoga has influenced your life

Tell people about the way you teach yoga and how yoga has influenced your life