Sheoak Yoga Robyn Henwood

Sheoak Yoga Robyn Henwood

Joined on Jul 22, 2024

Robyn has been teaching for 6 years in yoga but has a general teaching background. SHe has practiced yoga and meditation for many years and finds it brings a calm and centred approach to life as well as a healthy body.

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Studio in Adelaide, S.A.

Sheaok Yoga is a small studio in the South West corner of Adelaide, set up in 2012. Currently, Robyn teaches 10 classes including beginners, advanced and general classes, and prenatal . The studio has an emphasis on individual differences and these are catered for in small classes and in individual sessions .Robyn's trained with the International Yoga Teachers' Association in 2006/7. She was State rep for the International Yoga Teachers Association for 5 years and mentored teachers for 2 years.

 She also has experience in Iyengar yoga and has studied with the Krishmacharya Yoga and Healing Foundation in the area of designing individual student practices. She is available for designing and teaching individual practices and running individual sessions if you require that.

She has compled her post grad training in Pre and Post Natal yoga n 2013 .

In 2017 Robyn began a 4 year study in Yoga therapy with Barbara Brian at Agama Yoga in Melbourne and in association with the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in Chennai to deepen her knowledge of working designing individual Yoga practices.

Group classes include limbering and asanas, pranayama and a short relaxation and meditation at the end of practice.


Please contact the studio for further information or to enrol in a class.



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