Penny Cuthbert

Penny Cuthbert

Joined on Dec 5, 2023

Penny was introduced to Hatha Yoga as a child by her father and attended regular classes in 1989. 

In 1993 Penny began classes with Sundernath (Shandor Remete) founder of Shadow Yoga and Ntta Sādhanā with whom she continues to learn.

She also studies regularly with Emma Balnaves, Director of Shadow Yoga and Ntta Sādhanā.

​Penny founded Hatha Yoga Desha in 2003 as a Shadow Yoga studio. She is endorsed by Sundernath to teach Shadow Yoga. Penny is also a registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia.

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Studio in Leichhardt, NSW

Hatha Yoga Desha offers classes, courses and workshops in Shadow Yoga.

Shadow Yoga is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga developed by Shandor Remete (Sundernath). It is taught through the practice of vyayamas (restraining drills) that include:

1 Bala Krama (Stepping into Strength)

2 Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam (Churning of the Shadow Warrior)

3 Karttikeya Mandala (Garland of Light)

4 Asana - Angahara Linear arrangement

5 Asana - Angahara Swaying arrangement

All vyayamas use simple repetitive movements practiced sequentially, in order to breakdown the blockages and habits that exist in our physical, subtle and causal bodies. They combine various squats, viraparampara (warrior/martial stances) and suryanamaskara (sun salutations). These precede the practice of basic or more complex seats and yoga-asana. The full practice format of Shadow Yoga includes warm ups, squats, prelude, related seats and yoga-asana, inversions and conclusion.

These sequences lead to the eventual application of an-argula-reti (freestyle), where the practice is guided intuitively.

Shadow Yoga uses the guiding principles of Marmasthana, (the Indian system of the 108 vital junctions of the body), to achieve appropriate combinations of positions and rhythmical movements. This cultivates the circulation and penetration of breath and life force.



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