Bryony & Harry Lancaster

Bryony & Harry Lancaster

Joined on May 25, 2020

In October 2006, Bryony and Harry purchased the Rozelle studio from their former teacher and friend Darren Ma, who built the studio in 2003. Bryony taught at the Rozelle studio when it first opened before heading over to London where she continued teaching yoga. Bryony and Harry were excited by the opportunity to return home and run the Rozelle Studio.

They feel continually inspired by the people who are drawn to the studio and feel blessed with the opportunity to run such a special space. Their dream is to nurture and maintain a studio where people can come and laugh, sweat and groan their way to better physical health, clarity of mind and happiness of heart.

Both Bryony and Harry are keen yoga practitioners of many years who believe in the therapy of yoga to bring a better quality to life, enjoyment of the body and appreciation of each day. It’s not just a practice but a way of life and one that continues to deepen and grow.

As Bryony says, ‘One of the best outcomes of a dedicated yoga practice is freedom. Freedom from injury, sickness and old patterns. It is a way of setting oneself free and being all that you can be. It enables living in the moment and allowing for greatness in each and every one of us. Not being held back by habitual behaviours but living in the present and recognising our ability to make a difference not only to our own lives but to those around us and to our community. Through a dedicated yoga practice we are able to discover and unlock our own personal truth’.

Bryony and Harry both believe that all yoga is special. It doesn’t matter what your preferred yoga style is or the name of your teacher, as long as you find enjoyment through practice, growth, health and happiness. They feel that it’s no coincidence that yoga is becoming more popular and accessible throughout the world. It is now, more than ever, that people are looking for and finding peace within yoga.

They wish to thank the students who continue to support the studio and to everyone who together make BodyMindLife Yoga Rozelle an amazing place to work, practice and feel great!

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