Alla Selisher

Alla Selisher

Joined on Jun 24, 2021

Alla is the Founder and Principal of Avirit Yoga & Wellbeing Centre and is a highly qualified registered Yoga teacher with over 18 years of experience.
Her qualifications include:
Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Certificate in Advanced Pranayama
Certificate of Advanced Ayurvedic Healing

Alla is a passionate Yogi and Health practitioner and she has traveled to India and Thailand to enhance her ever growing love of yoga. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to yoga are evident in her classes, as she brings together the physical, emotional and mental elements of yoga practice
She began teaching yoga in 2000, exploring many different styles of yoga. Throughout her trials, she discovered a unique approach to yoga and noticed incredible results with her students.

Her original Muscle Balancing Technique (MBT) targets connective and muscles tissues, allowing you to enhance your practice and also to prevent or treat muscular-skeletal injuries.
In addition, Alla incorporates Qi-Gong (pronounced Chi-Gun) in her yoga classes, which gives you access to vital living energy during your practice.

With her clear instructions you will be guided through the class from the beginning to the end. She also modifies the yoga poses to suit beginners and to challenge experienced yoga practitioners.

​Alla’s classes will leave you feeling incredibly blissful and looking forward to the next session. 
​She also provides Ayurvedic life style consultations.

Alla’s classes will leave you feeling incredibly blissful and looking forward to the next session.

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Studio in Ormond, VIC

AVIRIT YOGA IS NOW ONLINEFor more information, visit our website: Studio in Ormond Offers Yoga Classes for Adults of All Ages. With our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, we are confident that you can practice yoga safely with us at any age, including 50 and over. Small classes - up to 16 people. We pay attention to every person to ensure a successful yoga experience