Yoga for Strong Bones

Yoga can be practiced at any age but it seems to be a bit of a challenge for old people. One needs to take a lot of care while doing yoga at old age in order to avoid getting fractures and other bone injuries. Studies have shown that yoga can make the joints strong. The weight lifting exercises which are done in gyms cause wear and tear of joints. So all those who want to have strong bones should perform balanced yoga which has got all the benefits of weight-bearing exercises without causing any negative impact on joints. The human body has 206 bones.

Our bones need a steady supply of blood and nutrients to stay strong. Yoga is the best exercise to prevent osteoporosis. While many people think that jogging, dancing, weight lifting can make the bones strong however the truth is by doing so there can be a further imbalance in the muscular system.

Diet, weight-bearing exercise and movement are prescribed for osteoporosis. Exercise cannot replace bone that‚ has already been lost, but it can help maintain strength in the bones. Simple movement can bring softness and agility to the joints. Agility helps us to maintain balance to prevent falling as we age. Some of the yoga asanas recommended for Osteoporosis are as follows. If you have never done the following poses before then get an idea here - 

When the age progresses naturally the bones become weak but you can have strong bones by doing yoga. Approach your yoga with gentleness, knowledge, and acceptance. When beginning any type of physical practice, please always consult your personal physician.