The Power of Will

On this full moon, I am contemplating the power of will to make a change in my life. I have been listening to a lot of Joe Dispenza podcasts about the how we as humans operate on different levels.   How our body's addiction to certain biological states, keep us on autopilot and make it very difficult to transform.  Joe talks about three parts of the being that are involved in inner human life: knowledge, behavior, and emotion.   How the conscious mind alone is not able to make a lasting change as the body, emotions, and behaviors are on autopilot and are actually calling the shots.  This autopilot is caused by the body's cells addiction to the chemicals produced by emotion such as Dopamine, Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Serotonin. Even with the purest of intentions, it is nearly impossible to actually change behaviours and thoughts.   

In my meditations, I am noticing the truth of this theory.  How ingrained states of being are actually so powerful and operate basically independently of my thinking mind. I can feel the activation and desire for these states in my body and how there are certain pathways between thoughts and the secretion of these chemicals. These emotional and biological states are linked to the past and to past memories and behaviors.  Even with the purest of intentions, it is hard to change. 

I'm sure that many of you can relate to wanting to make changes internally or externally and noticing that it is very difficult.  They say that our subconscious operates 95% of our behavior and thoughts and this is what they are talking about.  That the only way to make lasting change is to effect this part of our being and I believe the only way to do this is by becoming super conscious and using our will.   Using our powerful intention to hold the mind and using our awareness to notice the habitual reactions of our mind.    

I am noticing that my yoga practice of late is basically working on this level both on and off the mat.   Noticing in everyday life how I can actually use the power of my will to change.  The make a sacred intention and focus of my mind to change and noticing when my body starts to secrete the chemicals of grief, shame or fear.    

A few days ago was the equinox and we had a gathering where we set our intentions for the season ahead.  We wrote down what we wanted to let go of in the world and through this in the fire.  I noticed as I through my intention to let go of toxic shame and guilt,  into the fire, that those aspects of my being did not want to let go.  That those chemicals and habits within me were very comfortable with the status quo.

I know that change is not easy and that inertia is a powerful force, and I also know that the power of will is strong and has the ability to make amazing changes.  I know from speaking to many friends that many people are in similar situations and want to offer my full support and love to everyone in the processes of transformation.  I know from personal experience that yoga, meditation, and pranayama are powerful tools in this processes and hope that you all can utilize this amazing wisdom.