Testimonies from past students

“I took up yoga about 20 years ago when life (especially work) was very pressured. I needed an outlet that would allow me to slow down, put life into perspective and just be “me”. Vim was my first teacher - lucky me! From the first lesson, I felt comfortable with the atmosphere, the precision and thoughtfulness in her class. The physical benefits of yoga - posture, strength and flexibility - are well known. Listening to body and mind, and working on practising poses correctly, is an ongoing lesson, which carries over to everyday life. Patience and a non-judgmental approach are really valuable lessons from my yoga practice. Vim lives her yoga and brings to her classes warmth, encouragement and humour. Her approach to students is caring and personal and it is a joy to practise in a nurturing and inclusive environment.”

Pam, a long-time yogi.


“For the past nine years, to improve my physical and spiritual well-being, I have been attending weekly yoga lessons under the auspices of yoga teacher, Vim Lane. I am greatly indebted to Vim for making these goals achievable through her expertise, professionalism and awareness of the individual needs and capabilities of each participant. Her empathetic approach encourages all participants to achieve realistic performance levels resulting in improved quality of life and enhanced self-esteem.”

Jim, age 74. Retired school principal.


"I joined Vim's yoga with quite a serious lower back injury, one term later I am now a lot more flexible and my core strength has improved significantly. Not only does Vim's yoga practice help me with my lower back I now find more time to relax through Vim's yoga teachings on and off the mat. Thank you for such a great experience Vim."

Christian – iag, Sydney.