Yoga is all about relaxing and connecting to your inner self. No wonder every Yoga session ends with the or corpse pose. This yoga posture relaxes the entire body, even your brain. The breathing slows and the heart rate returns to normal. By taking to rest in Savasana it is a signal to the body to begin the process of letting go. "Sava" means corpse and in the pose, we are supposed to relax our body as if there is no life in it.


But this yoga pose is rejuvenatory - The Dying that Brings Life. Savasana should be practiced slowly and never rushed. Else it loses its prime object. Here is how you should practice for maximum benefits: Lie down on the floor on you back. Keep apart you feet about 8-10 inches Keep your hands on the sides away from your body, palm facing upwards and the fingers curled and relaxed. Close your eyes gently. Breathe in and out in slow and smooth flow. Imagine you inhalation to be like taking in energy and exhalation as releasing all stress and toxins. Relax your body from tip to toe. Concentrate on each part of your body and relax it beginning from your brain and gradually moving down. Release any kind of tension you feel. Take care not to make unnecessary movements and adjustments. Clear your mind of any kind of thoughts and concentrate on the breathing. Continue in this position for at least 5 minutes and if possible up to 30 minutes. Be aware that do not fall asleep while practicing Savasana. To come out of the pose, roll on to your right side. Press your left palm on the floor and raise your upper body. Sit up tall and then open your eyes slowly. Post Savasana you will feel an immediate sense of inner harmony and relaxation. 

photo: helena cuerva