Mind and Body Detox Yoga Retreat in Cognac, SW France

Our Mind and Body Detox Yoga Retreat in collaboration with Gourmet Yogi and Rays of Positivity is a truly life changing experience.

Discover the unique energy and spirit of our Detox, Yoga and Transformational Retreat for lasting change in a beautiful, stunning environment.

We are passionate about detox cleansing, yoga and the power of nutrition to really make lasting changes to the health of both the body and mind. Raw food, super foods, juicing, and yoga, all nourish the body; allowing you to embrace optimal health. But we are much more than just a physical body. Our detox and yoga retreats help you re-connect holistically, on all levels. Cleansing and healing your mind body and spirit. Read what our clients say about us.

A Typical Day on the Retreat

8am: Meet together in the dining area for Lemon Tea to start the detox program.

8.30: Morning Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama in our purpose built Yoga Studio. Each day we will work on creating a detoxing and energising sequence that you can learn and incorporate into a home practice.

10.30am: First freshly prepared organic juice and mineral supplements to flush out toxins. The mineral supplements aim to heal the digestive system and build your immune system.

11am: Group check-in and Nutritional Workshops.

12.30pm: 2nd freshly prepared organic juice and mineral supplements to flush out toxins.

2pm – 4pm Life Coaching Workshops / Law of Attraction Workshops or Individual Treatment sessions

5pm: Detoxing Plant Based Meal to heal and detox the digestive system, support the liver and reduce inflammation in the body

7pm: Evening Meditation and Yoga Nidra

The rest of the evening is free, enabling you to relax, read or have a restful night’s sleep.

Our Professional and Experienced Team

Our team of professional and experienced therapists, instructors and coaches will support you along this journey, giving you the tools, knowledge and power to take control of your health and work towards optimal health for the future. We work together with you throughout the week, helping each person progress, and make real lasting changes. Our role is to support you on this journey.