Taking 'Yoga off the mat' and into the world has become extremely popular in recent years, encouraging us to go beyond asanas and to connect with the spirit of yoga and each other. This is not something new, however. Back in 1969, Swami Satchidananda- founder of Integral Yoga opened Woodstock Music Festival in New York. He reminded those gathered there that we are all ONE (both on and off the mat) and must come together in peace and love regardless of our path.

The teachings of Oneness through Integral Yoga, which Swamiji brought to New York in 1966, contributed to an Interfaith movement that has spread around the world. The headquarters is in Buckingham, Virginia represented by the LOTUS at Yogaville, built in 1986.

The Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) is a unique temple dedicated to interfaith understanding and the Light within all faiths. Inside, individual altars represent and honor the different world faiths and spiritual paths. The doors of LOTUS are open to welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs. School groups families and travelers from all over the world come to learn to love one another as the key to human evolution.

From a beautifully crafted water world of ponds, lakes, and fountains, LOTUS rises majestically in the form of a huge, pink and white lotus flower. 

LOTUS is dedicated to the one divine light which all approaches share. This central concept of the basic oneness of all things has always been at the core of the Integral Yoga teaching. 

At this pivotal time in world history, LOTUS needs your attention & support. After 34 years, repairs are needed. Any funds you can donate for this purpose will go a long way to ensure that yoga continues on and off the mat for great causes that will bring us all together in love and light.

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