Interview with Cate Peterson
What does Yoga mean to you?
To me yoga is about regaining your grasp on the handlebars of your life because life is a wild ride! Every time I do my practice I feel a little happier, a little healthier and an little more present. Being able to elegantly ride the bumps twists and turns of life makes a person more available to be of service to others.  So my job in life is to spread the practice of yoga further and father so more people are on board to be of service to others and the planet. 
I’ve got a number of different platforms to bring this about. 29 % of the profits from go to whihc supports yogis across the country and all the cool karma projects they do . Hopefully our whole yoga teaching community will join www.yogaive because it is free and fabulous and gets their yoga classes into the limelight. 
what is your purpose?
To keep banging the drum so that people who had never thought of yoga before know it is for them too.  For example we provided YogaHive passes for folks upgrading from a McDonald burger to a Supersize McDonald Burger in their recent McDonalds Monopoly campaign. What better place to bring yoga into the equation??
How has Yoga Helped you?
Let me count the ways!  Best is the sense of community or sangha I feel talkint to yogis across Australia who have a common desire to bring about positive change for their students and their communities.  
What is keeping you busy at the moment?
This week we have partnered with The City of Sydney for  International Women’s Day Dawn Yoga with Sydney Symphony Orchestra .  All proceeds go towards an Australia wide yoga project to move beyond family violence .  Its ambitious and amazing and we are feeling blessed that the yoga community is standing so strongly behind us.  We are aiming for 310 yogis in the room this Thursday 8th March so if you are around please come :