Established in 1967
Established in 1967

The IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching (IYTA TTC) is a fully accredited 460-hour course. It is acknowledged and registered internationally with Yoga Alliance, and nationally with Yoga Australia. IYTA is represented in 20 countries around the world and has trained over 3,000 teachers. It is one of the most highly respected Yoga Diplomas in the world.

IYTA was founded in 1967 as a non-pro t organisation, dedicated to the training and support of Yoga Teachers. IYTA Diploma course is an integration of yoga’s classical teachings that are based on the various yoga paths and traditions of yoga. IYTA does not have a guru but, embraces many traditions acknowledging that ‘many paths lead us up the mountain’. This inclusive approach creates a solid and stable foundation for learners to develop their own style of expression and teaching of yoga. It acknowledges and respects all Yoga lineages and ensures its teachers are able to teach general classes with a special emphasis on safety.


IYTA does not lock students into any one style but ensures that students understand how to teach classical Hatha Yoga fully and safely. The course includes lectures in asana, safety, alignment, anatomy and physiology, philosophy and history of Yoga, pranayama, meditation and specialty areas such as prenatal, seniors and disabilities. IYTA also o ers post graduate training in specialty areas once students have gained their Diploma of Yoga Teaching.

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