1. 8:30 amYoga Spirit StudiosTorrensville1h
    { first: 'Rhu', last: 'Cheong' }
    8:30 am for 1h with Rhu Cheong at Yoga Spirit Studios (Torrensville)
  2. 9:00 amGeneralSheoak YogaAdelaide1h 30m
    { last: 'Henwood', first: 'Robyn' }
    9:00 am General for 1h 30m with Robyn Henwood at Sheoak Yoga (Adelaide)

    for all levels of yoga practioners

  3. 9:30 amHathaYoga IndraCampbelltown1h 15m
    { first: 'Jane', last: 'Miller' }
    9:30 am Hatha for 1h 15m with Jane Miller at Yoga Indra (Campbelltown)

    Intermediate/general hatha yoga class, suitable for those with some previous practice

  4. 10:00 amIntegralNivedita SaraswatiKilliecrankie1h 30m
    { last: 'Saraswati', first: 'Nivedita' }
    10:00 am Integral for 1h 30m with Nivedita Saraswati at Nivedita Saraswati (Killiecrankie)

    Develop skill in asana, pranayama, deep relaxation & meditation.

  5. 10:00 amHathaYoga Spirit StudiosTorrensville1h 30m
    { first: 'Vani', last: 'Shukla' }
    10:00 am Hatha for 1h 30m with Vani Shukla at Yoga Spirit Studios (Torrensville)

    level 1

  6. 11:00 amGentleSheoak YogaAdelaide1h 15m
    { last: 'Henwood', first: 'Robyn' }
    11:00 am Gentle for 1h 15m with Robyn Henwood at Sheoak Yoga (Adelaide)

    Basic yoga class with beginners welcome .

  7. 11:00 amPrenatalYoga IndraCampbelltown1h 15m
    { first: 'Jane', last: 'Miller' }
    11:00 am Prenatal for 1h 15m with Jane Miller at Yoga Indra (Campbelltown)

    Suitable for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester, prenatal classes incorporate postures, breathing & relaxation to maintain the health of mum and bubs.

  8. 1:00 pmKHYFSheoak YogaAdelaide1h
    { last: 'Henwood', first: 'Robyn' }
    1:00 pm KHYF for 1h with Robyn Henwood at Sheoak Yoga (Adelaide)

    Saturday afternoon designing a personal practice. 3 sessions where Robyn designs a personal practice to meet your needs. Spread over a month. Booking essential