Centered Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Paul Dallaghan and Senior Teacher Team  July 25-August 22, 2015


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Yoga Retreat (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 55/20-24 Moo 4, Namuang , Koh Samui, SURAT THANI, 84140, Thailand
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Friday, 24 Jul 2015 to Friday, 21 Aug 2015
159180-180180 THB
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We are taking initial applications for this course. It will be led by Paul and senior teachers Elonne and Arielle, with further assistance from Amy and the rest of the Centered Yoga team.

Education in Yoga: Foundation Course

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Centered Yoga and Yoga Alliance 200+ hour accredited

Well established training courses as directed by Paul Dallaghan since 1999

One month residential program

Preceded by up to 5 months of self-study assignment course

The Centered Yoga Foundation Training course has been running since

1999. I have had the honor to lead up to 36 groups to date, most in

Thailand, early ones in New York, and other country-specific ones in

Taiwan and the Philippines. I continue to lead up to two courses per

year. In addition, senior teachers Elonne, Sara and Arielle, along with

the rest of the Centered Yoga team will lead a program per year.



Foundation Course Details: Where: Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a beautiful place possessing lush jungles and white sand beaches, surrounded by sapphire-blue sea. Situated in a high energy zone, Samui (and its surroundings) has a direct effect on yoga and meditation-an ideal environment in which to focus, practice, and grow.

Our training takes place at Samahita Retreat, a facility developed specifically by Paul Dallaghan of Centered Yoga for the teachings in the classical lineages of yoga and meditative practice. Opened in 2003, it is dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga, health and well-being.

When: July 25-August 22, 2015

The key part of the training is a one month residential intensive. Prior to that is approximately 5 months of pre-course assignments which aim to elevate your practice and understanding of yoga. These assignments are emailed every two weeks and will require you to do certain readings, practices and reports.

(If you are selected after the five month period has begun, due to a late opening, catch up time will be possible.)

A common point of controversy is how long should a "training" be. In truth it is ongoing through one's whole life. Throughout life there will be times of focused and dedicated study to help take one's practice and teaching to a much higher level. This is the purpose of this course. To provide the sincere student with a platform and the tools to understand and go further in practice. We do not claim to "produce" teachers but rather to help bring out that hidden potential and start you on your journey. We have found this 6-month period to work very well at this level. Some courses are short and not enough help for a student. Others drag on over a few years and can almost hold the student back. After this 6-month period we encourage you to grow further in what is appropriate to you. We continue to offer many continuing education courses on yoga practice, Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy and Anatomy.

Level: A thorough foundation training program - an education in yoga

This comprehensive training covers the vital aspects of yoga and goes deep into the practice, refining your ability to pass on the message to others. A lot of thought has been put into making it challenging yet appropriate for this level. In essence, it is an all-around education in yoga intended to expand your horizons and develop your abilities and strengths. It is a foundation course-a necessity to move forward in any aspect of yoga practice and teaching.

Qualification: Centered Yoga Foundation Level and Yoga Alliance 200 hours

The program duration adds up to over 300 hours and qualifies for Yoga Alliance's 200-hour level, recognized worldwide, for those who successfully complete the training. Ultimately, however, training is beyond borders and pieces of paper. The continued dissemination of yoga will come from your own inner growth and deeper understanding. This is the focus.

The training prepares you to lead a basic Ashtanga class, give adjustments, and apply all of this to a variety of levels of Flow-style classes. Basic breathing techniques and chants will also be covered.

For whom: sincere and committed practitioners

The most important qualification for this course is the call from within. But the call is not enough on its own. For it to be true and sincere, it also needs to be based on a certain level of practice (i.e., so many times per week over so many years). Your interest level will reveal itself in the desire to read more on the topic, to study and practice more, and in the absorption of your thoughts in the subject. The application form is detailed, and will reveal a lot about you. If the call is strong, then proceed.

Approach: one-month residential intensive plus 5-months pre-course work

A residential intensive provides an untold opportunity to be really in the practice, develop it as part of you, and emerge ready to commence on the teaching path. We have the gift of yoga today because it was passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years, very often in a residential environment. This system was known as Gurukula, and the student would spend time with the teacher studying, then go off to practice on his own, later returning to grow further. Things are a little different today, and six months cannot compare to years with one's master. This is your starting point, however, and we assume that you have had a few years of practice and that your study will continue to deepen after the course.

Distractions are kept to a minimum in a residential setting, and this is necessary to allow for transformation.

Style: classical systems of Hatha Yoga and philosophy

The Asana program is based upon the classical systems of Ashtanga Vinyasa, traditional hatha asanas and the system of alignment. Our aim is to understand flow (vinyasa), alignment, and breathing, as well as the inner work-bandhas, focus, and concentration.

We teach Pranayama as laid down in the classical writings and taught by the masters. For philosophy, we refer to many texts, taking Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as our base guide. Many other elements accompany these three primary focuses. (See the course content section.)

Our aim is to ground, educate, and enlighten the student and teacher at the level they are at, elevating them to a level appropriate for passing on the message to others. As such, we offer a full yogic education and an opportunity to deepen and explore in the path of yoga, and contribute to real yogic insight. This course is not limited to Asana; it takes you further.

Uniqueness: elements that make this course stand out

  • immersion in a focused learning environment, living the practice
  • small, dedicated group of students
  • mentoring and close attention to your practice, teaching method, and personal progress
  • living and studying in a clean and natural setting
  • distance from the distractions of home gives perspective, a fresh mind, focus, and ease in letting go
  • direct experience in teaching students (privates and groups)
  • classical training in Pranayama (only a handful of western teachers have background in this essential practice)
  • the development of an advanced and dedicated yoga practice, molding the teacher in you
  • approximately 100 hours additional training beyond the basic requirements of Yoga Alliance
  • precise training in Asana and the vinyasa system
  • five months of precourse readings and assignments to prepare and guide you

All students who complete the Foundation Course Training will receive a 10% discount on all future bookings at Samahita Retreat for their lifetime. This includes retreats , continuing education courses and health / wellness spa programs Teaching Faculty July 25-August 22, 2015. led by Paul and senior teachers Elonne and Arielle, with further assistance from Amy and the rest of the Centered Yoga team.

Elonne and Arielle are senior teachers for Centered Yoga, each with over a decade of international teaching experience. They have studied extensively with Paul Dallaghan and O.P. Tiwariji. 


Included for 159180-180180 THB

Full Training Program Rate (THB)

Room options Availability Price
Share two-bedroom loft 24 159,180
Semi private 12 167,580
Single superior 18 180,180

NEW early bird discount for November TT.
Apply before September 1st and receive 12,600 THB off.

The rate includes:

the full training program
modern Asian-tropical accommodation at our newly built retreat center
wholesome and healthy meals
full use of Samahita Retreat facilities
Yoga Alliance standard certification (upon successful completion)
All students who complete the 200 Hour Training will receive a 10% discount on all future bookings at Samahita Retreat for their lifetime.This includes retreats, Advanced Teacher Training and health / wellness spa programs.