Meditation Teacher Training


Map of Mount Lawley, Western Australia
Yoga Om 147 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia, 6050, Australia
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Friday, 17 May 2019 toTuesday, 21 May 2019
7.30 p.m.
08 94676077


Three Dates: 17 May 7.30 p.m.—9.30 p.m. 19 May 10.00 a.m. —4.00 p.m. 21 May 7.30 p.m.—9.30 p.m.

Kristin and Robyn have lived in the Himalayas for four decades. They have had the unique opportunity to study with a fully enlightened being, and delight in communicating their vast experience of highest knowledge. They live at the exclusive International Meditation Institute where they are senior teachers. They hold PhDs in meditation and offer an original way of thinking.

This unique 10-hour Teacher Training, module one, with two meditation masters coming directly to Perth from the Himalayas will give you the ability to apply ancient wisdom to our modern age, resulting in joy and freedom. Different topics will be presented each session to complete the 3 day / 10 hours course. A variety of powerful techniques and philosophies of highest thinking will awaken clear and self sustaning awareness that will give you the ability to bring this timeless wisdom to others.

Become a great facilitator in communicating the wisdom and the direct experience of the state of meditation. Observing how you learn this knowledge of meditation for yourself, you will be well equipped to offer this fine art of teaching meditation to others. 

This Meditation Teacher Training, is for anyone who would like to teach meditation or deepen their own practice. It is also for yoga instructors and yoga students from all disciplines, as well as wellness and health professionals who would like to offer their students or clients a practice that they can continue throughout their lives.

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The MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING, module one, will cover the following topics:

  • Why meditation, what is meditation, what do we meditate on, and how to meditate on the Knower, your own space awareness
  • Learn the difference between the Self and the mind
  • The science of pranayam and how to teach four essential pranayams
  • The four states of consciousness
  • Dharana, dhyan, and samaadhi explained (Patanjali)
  • The three gunas, the forces of nature
  • Overview of the Bhagavad Gita
  • Learn the one essential Gita verse
  • Mantra: the power and effect of sound, chanting in Sanskrit
  • Learn the Jyoti Mantra, a chant in Hindi
  • Practice in initiating people into meditation
  • Questions and answers

You will receive a Meditation Teacher certificate (module one) from Himalayan Knowledge in association with the International Meditation Institute at the completion of the 10-hour course. Modules two, three and four will follow as online courses.

Class package includes:
Gift from the Himalayas
Booklet containing a summary of the topics discussed, including the Jyoti Mantra and Gita verse