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Thursday, 26 Nov 2015 to Saturday, 28 Nov 2015
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About Joan Hyman (

Joan Hyman’s grounded teaching style creates space for students to deepen their personal journey while aligning with teachings of true yogic traditions. Her students emerge from their practice with the rich, bright energy that yoga offers. Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the joyful study of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, Ayurveda (the science of life), and meditation.

As a citizen of the world, she takes her students on adventures to India, Peru, and other places dear to her, infusing much more than asana. Joan is an authentic modern day yogi with a daily yoga practice. Her love and devotion show up in her practice and through her teachings. She is committed to helping her students live from within their highest potential.

With over twenty years of experience, Joan Hyman is a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher and E-RYT Yoga Alliance 500-hour certified, who weaves her personal yogic journey into popular teacher trainings, workshops and retreats all over the world. As a leader in the Los Angeles yoga community, Joan also contributes to popular blogs such as The Daily Love, Elephant Journal, and Mind Body & Green. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, ORIGIN Magazine and Women’s Health for her advice and experience on health and wellness. Recognized for her outgoing social energy and ability to connect with people on a deeper level, she was chosen as an ambassador for the Lululemon Athletica store in West Hollywood and represents other successful yoga brands such as Manduka and Solow.

“Joan is a legend. She drives you right into your goals, all you have to do is SHOW UP. She has a wonderful way of easing you into things you never thought you could do, without forcing you there – making you believe you can do them, and haven’t you heard the yoga is mostly mental? Flexibility helps, but it’s how you approach the poses and your attitude towards them that makes the difference. She is a fairly famous yogi, but has not succumbed to the celebrity attitude. Her teaching is pure and loving, and she will take care of you! It only took one class with her for me to get hooked – I try to make her classes whenever I possibly can because they are a treat!” –Testimonial

Day One (27th Nov Friday)

7-9pm Introduction talk and 90 minutes Signature Flow Master Class – TRAVELING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN

Join Joan for her signature flow master class TRAVELING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. This class will move from your outer edges into your inner body and discover the more subtle parts of your practice.   We will use alignment as a point of focus to build steadiness. Music lends itself to softening your edges and help to move through tension.  Release all that does not serve you by breathing deeper into resistance as we explore holding postures and sequencing the builds safely and flows.

Hosting Studio: Yoga Corner - 447 Little Collins St, CBD Melbourne VIC 

Day Two (28th Nov Saturday)


Healthy shoulders make for better inversions like handstands and headstands. With the multiple downward dogs and chattarungas of your daily vinyasa practice, your shoulders can be vulnerable to injury over time.  Learn how to use props and alignment cues to better understand how to stabilize your shoulders, helping you access other postures and prevent impingent in your inversions.  This workshop will start with a lecture pointing out the bones and muscles that make up the shoulder girdle and teach you how to move safely from your shoulder blades while protecting the vulnerable muscles like your rotator cuffs. We'll then move into a shoulder-focused asana practice, which will include inversions and some backbends. You'll learn ways to work with a strap that will help you understand how to externally rotate your shoulders, creating stability in this joint and reducing injury. See how specific alignment cues can help you access other postures like backbends and inversions safely by looking at bodies and seeing the movement of the shoulder blades.  Practice and learn at the same time while creating a sustainable safe yoga practice!

Hosting Studio: Yoga Tree - 5 Horne St, Elsternwick VIC


Feel the heart, the gratitude, and enjoyment that backbends offers.  Explore the techniques to help different body types access these heart opening poses and fun variations to help you breathe with ease and experience contentment in these deep poses.  Learn the foundation of a solid backbend practice through understanding the shoulder girdle alignment, stabilizing the pelvis, and breathing techniques.  We will explore inversions and fun variations of backbends in a safe and grounded way making them accessible to all!

Hosting Studio: Australian Yoga Academy - 1B St Edmonds Rd, Prahran VIC


Learn how to heal your low back through yoga postures that build strength in your legs and core to support your sacrum.  The sacrum is the key to stability in the lower back. It is the fulcrum point in our bodies from which all movement happens.  If the surrounding muscles are not stable, the ligaments and joints in the lower back will be stressed.  In this workshop, you will learn about the muscles and bones surrounding the low back area and evaluate the standing poses and core exercises needed to build strength here.  Hip openers and breath awareness adds to the healing by pacifying the low back so your students leave feeling free of low back pain and gain the tools to help them stay there!

Learn how to release all that does not serve you. Explore your body, mind and spirit in this heated flow practice focused on deep hip openings. Finding your seat creates space and ease, to move towards the more subtle part of your practice--pranayama. You will shift resistance into surrender and find a deep release in your physical body and in your soul. There will be then yummy hip openers at the end to make space in the scare-illiac joint and release the lower back.  Leaving your hips and back completely decompressed and relaxed!

Hosting Studio: Sanctuary Beaumaris Yoga - 42 East Concourse Beaumaris VIC

Day Three (29th Nov Sunday)


Build your inner strength and confidence to move through obstacles by turning upside down. Flipping your perspective on the mat can flip your perspective on any situation off the mat. Joan guides you on an inversion exploration that is safe, effective and accessible for everyone. This invigoration practice integrates deep core and shoulder girdle work. It also burns away impurities in the body and mind to help you get up and stay up! All levels welcome.

Hosting Studio: Yoga Corner - 447 Little Collins St, CBD Melbourne VIC


This workshop is for teachers and practitioners wanting to increase their asana knowledge. Learn what is included in an advanced practice and how to break down advanced postures to make them more accessible to your students.  Practicing advanced postures can teach us to be more disciplined and leave us feeling stronger and more alert.  In this workshop, we will break down the elements that make up an advanced practice and then go deep into our asana practice breaking down poses that seem challenging and unattainable.  We will review the sequence and component parts taught so you will leave being able to help your students and yourself advance in the yoga practice!

Hosting Studio: Yoga Corner - 447 Little Collins St, CBD Melbourne VIC


An OMazing sequence is one that is efficient, safe, and makes you leave your mat feeling centered and aligned from deep within your body. With over twenty years of experience working with the body and practicing advanced asana, Joan has gained a deep understanding of anatomy. She is now able to deliver this information to students and teach them how their body works from the inside out. Joan will guide you through connecting with the poses while educating you on the anatomy of what you are doing throughout your practice. You'll gain an understanding of how your body works from a yogic perspective, helping you find those “deeper muscles” that you learn to fire up when “hugging your muscles to the bones.” You'll even learn the names and the jobs of those muscles and bones. And, more importantly, you'll learn to feel them deep within your own body. Learn how to create safe and effective sequencing by combining postures that work muscle groups in the same direction, creating your very own OMazing sequence !

Hosting Studio: Yoga XTC - 54 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC


Master Class: $35

Workshop: $55

Eventbrite - TRAVELING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN - Master Class and Workshop With JOAN HYMAN (USA)


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