Understanding the Emotional-Sexual self - 2 day Seminar


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Shambhala Wellness Centre, 14 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207, Australia
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Friday, 5 Jun 2015 to Saturday, 6 Jun 2015
10am - 6pm & 10am - 4pm
1800 234 326


 "Understanding the Emotional-Sexual Self" will focus on the spiritual wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Focusing on the emotional-sexual dimension of life, which has a pervasive influence on our day-to-day life, generally at an unconscious level affecting virtually everything we do and feel. 

This 2 day seminar (6-7 June) will be presented by Abel Slater, a long-term devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Abel spent many years in Adi Da's company and was served in his self-understanding in this area of life. 

Saturday 10am - 6pm Saturday 6 June
Sunday 10am - 4pm Sunday 7 June
Early Bird $145
Lunch and snacks will be providedon both days.
Please book at: http://adidamevents.bigcartel.com/

Avatar Adi Da says: 
If you will examine yourself in terms of your history (including your characteristic patterns of reaction, of relating to people, of emotional-sexual habits, and so on), you will eventually begin to see a pattern that is otherwise invisible and not mentalized--in other words, that is pre-mental. It is characterized as unconscious, but not in the sense that it is asleep. It is unconscious in the sense that it does not exist in the form of the thinking mind. Actually, the egoic pattern is always awake. Even when you go to sleep and dream at night, it is still making images for you. It does not go to sleep any more than Consciousness Itself goes to sleep.

Adi Da refers to the sexual area of life as “emotional-sexual” patterning. That is because the sexual aspect of the being cannot be separated from the emotional aspect—they are inherently related. This seminar offers us the opportunity to address this area of our lives which is often rarely inspected.

Abel writes: Adi Da's Teaching covers the entire range of possible experience and realization, and provides instruction on how to rightly live all aspects of life. His Teaching was always in direct response and interaction with devotees, and the emotional-sexual area was inspected in detail over the course of many years. His consideration with devotees was a lively occasion and incredibly liberating. 

When we lived in His Hermitage, Adi Da Samrajashram, in Fiji, Adi Da took myself and my partner through this consideration over the course of many years. We have a lot of stories to share, about how Adi Da served our understanding relative to our emotional-sexual patterning. 

The consideration at the seminar will be interactive and participatory, so you will have an opportunity to go through your own process and be served by Adi Da’s Reality-Teaching very directly and personally with the support and guidance of devotees who have been through similar considerations. Principally, we will be focusing on the emotional dimension and how this largely unconscious patterning plays out in one’s life. The seminar will also address how these emotional patterns impact the expression of sexuality. There will also be Sacred Sighting videos and recorded Discourses by Adi Da focused on this important aspect of life and practice. 

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We are looking forward to seeing you there.
Abel Slater and Elze Wit