Understand the Nature of Reality - An Introduction To Adi Da Samraj


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278 Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills, VIC, 3127
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Thursday, 10 Oct 2013
$5 donation
1800 234 326


You are warmly invited to come along to the Adidam Melbourne Centre, Every Thursday at 7.30 ongoing until December.

This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the life and Work of Adi Da Samraj and all that He offers as a way of life to ..."those who would choose Heart Breaking Freedom" as He has said.

Hear stories and testimonials from devotees, bask in the chanting and Consider Adi Da's Spritual Wisdom on every aspect of the Human condition and beyond. From Birth to Death, Sexuality, Conscious Conception, Child rearing, Sacred Art, Meditation, Right Diet, Yoga, Community living, Sustainability, World Peace, Ultimate Happiness, and the Very Nature of Consciousness Itself..

Find out the secrets of how to change and enjoy the good company of those involved in a de-Light-ful process and ongoing real and tangible relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Phone 1800 234 326 for info.