The Ancient Walk-About Way Seminar


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126 Russell Street, , Melbourne, VIC
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Saturday, 18 Oct 2014
1800 234 326


International guest speaker James Steinberg has been a

devotee of Adi Da since 1973 and has been instructed by him in the area

of the "Great Tradition" of spiritual and religious traditions.

Join him in this ADIDAM™ event for an engaging consideration of

Spiritual practices through the ages and explore the unique significance of the sacred guru-devotee relationship.

“There is a prehistorical background to all the historical traditions

--which I call a ‘Walk About tradition’...The Great Tradition of

humankind is a universal tradition, because it is based on the One

Reality” - Adi Da Samraj

October 18th 11am-4:30pm

Melbourne Theosophical Society

126 Russell St. Melbourne

For further information about Adi Da Samraj visit or call 1800 234 326.