Consciousness Itself and Radical Healing


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Saturday, 28 Jun 2014
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Part 1 of the day. We Are Consciousness Itself

No matter what arises, or does not arise, you are only Consciousness Itself. No matter what arises, or does not arise, there is only Consciousness Itself.” Avatar Adi Da Samraj © 2014 ASA

This quote by Avatar Adi Da Samraj is simple, but the truth is liberating if fully understood. Frans van den Bossche, long time Spiritual practitioner and devotee of Avatar Adi Da, will examine this revelatory statement in the light of Adi Da's Teaching and invites you to participate in this potentially life-changing consideration. Frans is an editor and worked with Adi Da Samraj over the past 30 years to compile the many volumes of his written teaching.

There will be a break with refreshments and you will receive a free booklet.

Part 2 of the day. “ Radical” Healing

Adi Da Samraj uses the term “radical” in the literal meaning of the word as “core” or “root”. What is the core of our body-minds? It is Consciousness Itself. Or Infinite Life or Love. In this presentation, Dr Sally Taylor will discuss the practical application of Adi Da’s spiritual philosophy in relationship to healing. She will elaborate on the 3 key aspects of “radical “ healing which are “Faith, Prayer and Fasting”

“ The principal healing method is the presumption of health and life (not cure) but well-being prior to disease and cure” -Adi Da Samraj (The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace) © 2014 ASA

An ADIDAM™ regional event.