Mythical Yoga Asana & Philosophy with Kendall Goddard


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Level One, 36 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, NSW, 2011
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Sunday, 30 Jun 2013 to Sunday, 14 Jul 2013


Ever wondered why the postures are named after mythical Gods?

What does their story mean to you today and your practice, on and off the mat?

In this three part workshop series of vigorous asana, vivid story-telling and yogic philosophy, we explore the connection between these ancient Gods and teachings, and the divine story unfolding today within ourselves.

Part 1: Ganesha – Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles

Sunday 30th June 1-3:30pm

Where do you feel stuck in your life? As we unveil the sensitive Elephant God’s story through a specific sequence of postures, chanting and reflection, we tap in to the frequency of our Higher Self and access energy inside of us that stands at the threshold of new beginnings.

Part 2: Matsyendranath – Lord of the Fishes (or the first surfer…!)

Sunday 14th July 1-3:30pm

An invitation to dive deep down into the depths of your being and learn the secrets of yoga and the universe, as Matsyendranath, the forefather of yoga, did.  We ride the waves of this story, twisting ourselves into new positions, visiting new places within and relishing that moment of release into deep listening and acceptance.

Part 3: Hanuman – Monkey God and faithful devotee of Rama

Sunday 28th July 1-3:30pm

Embrace those parts of yourself you consider a curse, and fly!  The embodiment of devotion, courage and power, Hanuman teaches us that although we may not know our own strength, devotion to practice can carry us beyond our limited thinking to infinite possibility.


Full Course $130

Single Workshop $49

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