6 Day Retreat: The Future Of Yoga


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NSW, 2088, Australia
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Monday, 2 May 2011 to Sunday, 8 May 2011
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“The way forward is to go back to the beginning…”
Yoga has become a huge part of popular culture – but would the ancient yogis recognise what we practise in the West today as being true yoga?  Yogacoach has invited Swami J – an authentic yoga teacher who is part of an ancient lineage – to come to Australia to remind us what yoga is really about.  In this retreat, Swami J will bring ancient wisdom to life in a way that makes sense to those of us who spend more time in urban cafes than the Himalayas.

“To understand the recent devolution that Yoga is only a physical exercise program is one of the most essential steps for the modern seeker of authentic Yoga.”  – Swami J

To the ancients, Yoga is a complete system whose entire purpose is spiritual in nature.  Today, most people believe that the term “Yoga” refers to the physical postures and the goal is physical fitness.  Swami J will invite you to turn your understanding of Yoga upside-down through exploring in theory, and in practice, the true elements of the Yoga system – not just the postures – showing us how they work together to take us far beyond
physical goals.

Yoga is complete unto itself: In Yoga, each level of our BEING is trained independently, while also being trained to flow together. Each day we will work with a progressive aspect of being, move beyond it and go deeper.  Body… Breath… Senses… Conscious mind… Unconscious mind…

Yoga is an inner experience of the union of the individual Self and the universal Self

Mark and Tanya at Yogacoach are bringing Swami J to Australia as part of their commitment to help others be touched and transformed by authentic yoga – as practitioners and teachers.  Mark says “The great thing I found about Swami J is that he has taken the direct teachings of Swami Rama and that lineage and put theminto a contemporary, easy to understand form that is able to be applied to our modern lives…”

“Believe me – you will triple your knowledge and understanding of Yoga in one week”

When: Monday-Sunday, May 2-8 2011
The very beautiful Billabong Retreats, 50 minutes north-west of Sydney
$1450 (includes vegetarian meals, accommodation & teachings), payment & registration details available at www.yogacoach.com or contact info@yogacoach.com.

Included for $1,450

$1450 (includes vegetarian meals, accommodation & teachings), payment & registration details at www.yogacoach.com,