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Friday, 20 Jul 2012
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It is one of the most integrative courses around. We understand that to be the best yoga teacher you can, you must embody the process - and this takes time, it cannot be cramped into 30 days. Even if it is a 6 Month or 12 Month course it has to be spacious, because it is in the space that yoga resides. It is here we find the integrity and the beauty that yoga is.

SomaChi honors tradition but allows for contemporary methods that suits our modern lifestyle.

The course brings in specialized teachers to educate you within the 200 hours.

SomaChi is akin to Ashtanga and Iyengar. This means you are trained specifically in a style that is establishing itself in the community.
When Identity is established community can develop from common interest.

We are accredited with Yoga Alliance, which is an international body so this can enable you to teach overseas as well as in Australia. And just as important, we have our own Association which maintains high standards for the continual development of our teachers and training.

The SomaChi Yoga Teacher Training Melbourne concentrates on the personal and professional development of our students. Not all Yoga Teacher Training courses are equal. Many courses offered are short, so remember to ask what is their success rate of students actutally becoming working professional teachers. Our course is kept at a maximum of 12 students, and we are proud that more than 90% of our students who have completed our course are currently teaching.

SomaChi may offer students a 6 month traineeship after they have completed their 200 hours. This is very rewarding as you can continue to receive training and experience within a studio environment.

About the teacher

Lianne began her career in physical theatre and in her 20’s. She received a sponsorship to travel to Europe and study Grotowski, venture in Noh,  Kabuki, and even Butoh.  Back in her own town Melbourne she received sponsorships for several fringe productions in theatre and multimedia.  

From there, Lianne then ventured to India, Nepal and Africa to do her own research in Buddhism and Shamanistic rituals.  Her interest was aided by a young naive but a genuine quest for truth.

Now in her 40’s, Lianne has had a long journey and founded The SomaChi Yoga Studio and Teacher Training.  She has studied yoga with Cyndi Lee, Shiva Rae  (Twee Merrigan), Wade Imre Morrisette, and has an adv. diploma in Zapchen Somatics (Buddhist and Western body psychotherapy). Her principal teachers are  Tony Richards and Julie Henderson.  For the past 11 years she has studied and continues her study in Buddhism with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. 

Lianne has taught yoga, Improvisational and Somatic Movement, Pilates and SomaChi at Chunky Moves, Melba Conservatorium of Music, was a teacher trainer  for Somatic Pilates at The Mebourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, and has even been flown to outback Australia to run Yoga and Pilates Workshops, and recently  is teaching movement anatomy to medical students at Melbourne Uni.

Lianne has taught many students who today are teaching around Melbourne in SomaChi and Vinyasa.  She is also happy to see that some of her past  students are now venturing into their own studios.  Her motivation for yoga stems from traditional and contemporary influences. 

She pays utmost respect  for her own teachers and she continues to grow and understands the ebs and flow of spontaneous action and form







Included for $4,000

INCLUDES MEMBERSHIP OF UNLIMITED YOGA AT THE SomaChi Yoga Studio for the duration of the course.