Santosha at Little Beach


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Monday, 10 Jun 2013 to Thursday, 10 Sep 2015


Dear Future Visitor,

Santosha at Little Beach offers much more than your average little beach would. This is a little beach that offers a BIG life-changing experience. With an extremely beautiful location, guests are given the opportunity to cover the three R's; Rest, Relax, and Recuperate. Whether it is you alone, a group of, friends, family, or a whole party, Santosha at Little Beach will be an amazing time for everybody.

Tucked away in Tasmania, Australia, Santosha at Little Beach offers an incredible 10 acre beach/ocean front just steps away from the door. With 6 spacious bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, open living room, and outdoor deck, Santosha at Little Beach can house 17 people and provide for a incredible stay.

Whether it be a family vacation, wedding, group get-a-way, once in a life time event, or a learning program, Santosha at Little Beach is the perfect venue for all of your getaway needs!

Best Wishes,

Santosha at Little Beach