Kundalini Yoga Retreat - A Tender Heart


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Central Coast, NSW, Australia
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Friday, 14 Feb 2014 to Sunday, 16 Feb 2014
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A Tender Heart - Overcoming Insecurity & Connecting deeper to your True Self


With the technology given in Kundalini Yoga we will explore the different qualities of a tenderhearted compared to a though-hearted personality as well the meaning of insecurity and where it comes from. Insecurity robs us of our zest of life and instead of approaching life with openness and excitement, insecurity makes us approach life in a defensive, self-conscious and anxious way. It undermines our potential for success and it suppresses our creativity. It can be overcome and through gaining more awareness and touching your true essence you can free your soul and experience life to your full potential.


I am passionate to support you on this journey of personal growth, healing and transformation.


Kundalini yoga is much more than a system of physical exercises. It is a dynamic and powerful practice that includes breath, mantra, mudra, postures, gong relaxation and meditation. It gives us the means to maintain awareness, to process input, heal on a deep level and to remain neutral and compassionate.


Testimonial: ‘Rut has shown me the tools to make my life more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.  In her classes she invites you to go on a deeper journey of self exploration and liberation from any fears that hold you back from being the best you can be.’ - Irene Dabron


All levels of experience are welcome 

All vegetarian wholesome meals

Contact: Rut - Harjinder infokundaliniyoga@gmail.com www.kundalini-yoga.com.au 0408218443






Included for $425

Date: 14 - 16th february 2014 

Time: Friday 14th - 4pm until Sunday 16th - 3pm 

Cost: $390 before Jan 15th 2014,  $425 thereafter