Soulfire Creative Workshop


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mermaid beach, QLD, Australia
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Saturday, 14 Apr 2012


Get your creative intuitive flow happening…

Through yoga, meditation, music, drawing, writing, sound & massage, with Michelle, Alora & Brian you are invited to come on a creative, musical journey. A session that will ignite & inspire your creative passion connecting you with your intuitive potential … One that is aligned to the intelligence & beauty of your indigenous nature. Bringing you into relationship with the Oneness of Creation & your own Spiritual Yogic Practice

We are creative beings but are you living a creative life?

Through the creative meditative healing arts you can discover the oneness & intrinsic beauty of your own nature; one that is harmonized with all of Nature. These workshops nurture & nourish an appreciation and love of nature. Through the creative elements you get to express what is latent within you, at times this may be cathartic and liberating and at other times inspired and full of joy and beauty. As you move from one creative form to another you get to experience the natural flow that is energetically awakening you to the dynamics of your creative flowing intelligence.