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Friday, 8 Feb 2013
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This course is fully certified with Yoga Alliance offering the qualification of  Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) to registered teachers.  With  3 face-to-face intensive modules totaling 82 hrs and additional at-home study requirements of 18 hours, this course represents the highest qualification currently available in this specialized area. 

This exciting new course offers the opportunity to explore the foundational theoretical background and practical applications necessary to safely and appropriately conduct your own pregnancy and post natal yoga classes (including ‘mums and babies’ yoga),  or even to go on and establish your own yoga school in this niche-market.

What we will cover

 Module 1: Prenatal & Birth - Foundation.   8, 9 & 10 February, 2013 (total 26 hrs)

•    The three trimesters - psycho-physiological changes to mum and baby

•    Birth: stages of labor; supporting a woman for a natural birth

•    "The Golden Rules" - safety guidelines for prenatal students

•    Sequencing for prenatal yoga - the 5 prenatal posture groups

•    Prenatal yoga therapy/ applied Anatomy & Physiology: back problems & pelvic instabilty during pregnancy; other common prenatal complaints

•    Pelvic floor & squatting

•    Working with props to modify for various stages of pregnancy

•    Prenatal Restorative Yoga

•    Prac: sample prenatal practices

•    Prenatal partner yoga

•    Pranayama for pregnancy and birth


Module 2. Prenatal & Birth - Extension.  8, 9, 10 March, 2013 ( total 28 hrs)

•    Prenatal salutes-to-the-sun & flowing breath practices

•    Prenatal partner yoga

•    Yoga nidra for pregnancy

•    Birth visualisation & birth preparation practices

•    Chanting and sounding for labour

•    Active Birth Postures &  conducting partner active birth preparation classes/ workshops

•    Nutrition & herbs for pregnancy, birth and beyond

•    Prenatal Yoga Therapy Case Study Presentations

•    Prac: Prenatal teaching & sequencing practice, including safe adjustments & corrections

•    Prac: Sample prenatal practices


Module 3: Postnatal & Mums n Bubs.   26, 27, & 28 April, 2013 (total 28 hrs)

•    The 'fourth trimester' - emotional and physiological overview of early motherhood

•    Postnatal Sequencing: including the 5 postnatal posture groups  & important safety guidelines 

•    Postnatal pranayama & bandha practices

•    Postnatal restorative yoga

•    Prac: sample postnatal practices

•    Postnatal applied anatomy & physiology/ yoga therapy:  pelvic floor, pelvic & back conditions & diastasis rectus 

•    Postnatal Case Study Presentations 

•    Mums n Bubs & Mums n Toddlers Yoga -theory, sequencing ideas, and sample practices 

•    Prac: mums n bubs/toddlers student prac teaching

•    Introduction to baby massage

•    Nutrition & naturopathy for new mothers

•    Marketing your niche pre / postnatal yoga business

Additionally, the following subject areas will be covered in the non-contact, at-home study component of the course:

•    Perinatal mental health - focusing or recognising the difference between postnatal 'baby blues' and postnatal depression

•    Yoga nidra personal practice

•    Assigned reading

•    Sequences for prenatal and postnatal classes

•     Philosophy assignment


The course is open to yoga teachers and trainees, or anyone who works with pregnant women and mothers, including midwives, doulas and nurses.  Preferably, students will have at least one year’s prior yoga practice experience.

Pregnant women are very welcome to attend, ideally from the 14th week of their pregnancy onwards.


Course Director,  Ana Davis has over 16 years of teaching experience, including the last 8 years of specialising in teaching pre/postnatal students, as well as training teachers in this specialised area across Australia and the world. 

Ana will be joined by a team of highly experienced and passionate women's health professionals. 


Module 1: Fri 8th February 9am - 6pm, Sat 9th February 7am - 7.00pm, Sunday 10th February 9am - 6.00pm

Module 2: Fri 8th March 9am - 6pm, Sat 9th March 7am - 7.00pm, Sunday 10th March 7am - 7pm

Module 3: Fri 26th April 9am - 6pm, Sat 27th April 7am - 7pm, Sun 28th April 7am - 7pm


The full tuition fee for this specialised 100hr Teacher Training Course is: $1, 690.

This includes comprehensive course manuals as well as marking and feedback on course assignments and a Completion Certificate that enables you to apply for registration with Yoga Alliance as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher).


For more detailed information on our courses please visit our website.



Included for $1,690