Strength & Creative Power through Asana and Chant


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Saturday, 7 Mar 2015

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Access your inner strength in an asana and chant workshop, focusing on the power of Vedic chant and symbolic imagery.


In cultures around the world the concept of the feminine has been linked with the muse and with creation. Often this female energy appears passive and somewhat hidden: yet without the seed of creation and creativity, action -usually symbolized as a masculine quality- does not follow.


In the first hour of this workshop we will use the power of chant and symbolism to guide you through an asana- based practice, linking with strength and courage.


In the second hour, we look at the strength and power held within the concept of feminine creativity: in particular, we learn the Durga Suktham. This chant, an evocation of the Indian mythological embodiment of strength and courage, comes from the Mahanarayana- Upanisad. Symbolically Durga purifies us and helps us surmount obstacles in our path


This practice is not just for women, as each of us is made up of dualities.