Rejuvenation Yoga Workshop


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Willow Pond, 459 Nicholson Rd, Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155, Australia
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Friday, 23 Oct 2015
12noon - 4.00pm

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Rejuvenation Workshop

This special workshop has been designed to open the energy channels of the body, revitalising, balancing and uplifting the natural flow of prana (life energy) and good feelings. 

The body and mind harbour tensions and knots.  Every mental knot has a corresponding physical and muscular knot and vise versa. Hatha Yogis found that certain specific body positions (asanas/postures) open the energy channels, integrating and harmonising the body and mind. Asanas release mental tension by dealing with them on the physical level.

The Workshop begins with asana practice. The joints are mobilised, lubricated, the digestive system is strengthened - improving energy flow and blockages in the spine are released.  Specific asanas activate the heart and lungs and improve the endocrine function, to help balance hormones.  The asanas are helpful for stiff back and pelvic organs and muscles.

Pranayama Breathing practices follow Asana (physical practice),  I will instruct two breathing practices which help redirect the energy flow (prana) throughout the body and assist with healing.  One tranquilizing breath practice and one stimulating.

Hasta Mudras Have fun exploring hand gestures! The prana (life energy) emitted by the hands is redirected back into the body. The mudras have been used for healing in eastern cultues for centuries. They can also be activated during meditation. The energy flow through the meridians is stimulated, stress reduces, 'feel good' hormones increase, brain activity is stimulated and inner strength is generated.

The 18 ITIES  A talk on the ITIES, with focus on the first - Serenity. By becoming aware of and letting go of certain emotional and mental reactions and responses,  we can find peace within ourselves (handout given).


Early bird discount to 5th October $65

Yoga Nidra  Physical and mental rest 'psychic sleep'  and Meditation practice conclude the day.

An easy to follow and understand meditiation practice which you can incorporate into your life is explained and practiced.