energy medicine for your body, mind and soul
energy medicine for your body, mind and soul


Map of Moorooka, Queensland
Moorooka Community Hall, 40 Gainsborough Street, Moorooka, Queensland, 4105, Australia
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Thursday, 25 Feb 2016
$45 | $37 earlybird booked and paid by feb 12

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Prana Yoga and Meditation - a transformative practice to heal and unify every layer of your being - body, mind, soul.

We all deserve a vibrant life: to live our excellence over our neuroses, to feel our wholeness, and to be able to support ourselves through the ebbs and flows of life. 

Yoga is to unite, to yoke, to balance, prana is energy - life energy. Prana Yoga & Meditation is a contemporary system of energy medicine, breath and movement - based on Kundalini Yoga and meditation - designed to support you in your most vibrant life.

Join me for a Prana Yoga & Meditation master class that will take you deep, and open you wide to who you are and all that you can be, as we balance, energise and heal ourselves, coming home to our truth - even as we shake and quiver at the prospect.  

We will get our energy aligned, connect, and liberate our selves.

Healing and Uplifting, this Transformational class is the perfect end to your week, the best way to heal and connect with your self in body, mind and soul.

Why body mind and soul - because you are all three and even more than that. When we work with ourselves as a unified being, we have the greatest healing tool available to us, for it is the illusion of separation that is behind our disharmony, our disconnection, and our disillusion with life.

Get back to you self, get back to life, get back together with you - and be your own soul mate, life mate, and healing force for the good of all!

Session Fee: $45 | $37 earlybird 
(book and pay by 12 Feb)