make some breathing space, take time to rest, relax and restore
make some breathing space, take time to rest, relax and restore


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479 Kalang Road, Kalang, Bellingen, New South Wales, 2454, Australia
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Saturday, 5 Dec 2015
$65 prepaid | $75 at the door (space permitting). Booking essential.
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creating SPACE
BREATHING life back into ourselves
Coming to LIFE from the inside out.

Imagine a space beyond the demands of life.

Take some timeout, make space for you - to breathe and shift from rushing-doing-too-busy-no-time-for-me into a restorative space of moving, breathing and being that nurtures you.
This is the cup you drink from, the well you draw from, when you feel you have nothing left.  
Move out of feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed.Take some time and make space in your being to BREATHE.




Sunday 6th December | 10am-2pm | Kalang/Bellingen  

A refreshing and deeply releasing practice that will wake-up your cells, release deep-set tension from your muscles, and bring you into the space in your body, allowing you to experience space in your life.  

BREATHE: relax & release your breath, access the prana in your cells for energy & vibrance 

SPACE: dissolve tensions, stress & disharmony in your body and energetic field, move  

REST & RESET: initiate your bodies innate self-healing capacities  

THRIVE: release trauma from your physical body, move out of survive/fight/flight modes  

This session will include pranayama (breathwork), asana (yoga postures and exercises), trauma/tension release and meditation practices.

We will work deeply on the psoas muscle to get out of chronic states of inner tension, trauma and stored emotional states that inhibit our movement in body and mind. 
Through pranayama/breathing we will energise and revitalise, and through movement we will reset the body's systems into their natural state, where your body is better able to self heal and self support.  

breathe. release. relax | yoga. meditation. healing  

location: spirit rising yoga lounge 
479 Kalang Road, Kalang (approx 6 minutes out of Bellingen)  

session fees: $65 prepaid, $75 on the day (space permitting)  
Class numbers are strictly limited, and payment is required to hold your place .  

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Included for $65 prepaid | $75 at the door (space permitting). Booking essential.

Mats, Blankets and meditation cushions provided.
Includes handouts for ongoing practice (no yoga experience required)