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Saturday, 1 Oct 2016
$55 prepaid by 22 Sept $62 prepaid/ $70 on the day

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 breathe in…

breathe life, be inspired, uplift and connect


breathe in and connect to your soul

breathe in and connect to life,

breathe in and draw life into your being

inhale inspire receive

exhale release share

A companion session to our breathing.SPACE workshop (Sunday 25/9), this session is an exploration of our breath in more detail, creating a more life enhancing breath for our body, mind and spirit, finding ways to shift, heal and enhance life through the transformative power of our breath.

Come along to experience the simple pleasure of a real breath in, a real breath out and how you can move your psyche, transform energy and support yourself in life through conscious healthy breathing.  

Did you know that approximately 80% of your energy needs can come from your breath – not your food – if you are breathing well??  Did you know that through your breath you can reduce anxiety, manage stress and balance your emotions?? Did you know that by arranging your body in certain ways you will alter the quality of your breath, and the quality of your experience in life??

In this session you will explore these areas, and experience ways to increase your breathing capacity, shift your breath through mudras, the effects of different types of breath patterns on your body and mind, and more.

Your life began with your first breath, and will end with a breath also – the quality of your breath in between is the river upon which  your life flows… breathe in, breathe free, ride gently on the flow and power of your breath.


Breathe In  |    Brisbane |   Sunday 2nd October,  with Brie

$55 prepaid by 15 Sept

$62 prepaid/ $70 on the day

Are you attending breathing.SPACE in Brisbane with us?? Great! Then you get $5 off your Breathing IN session, so you can relax :)