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Sunday, 20 Nov 2016
2 - 5pm
$90 per couple
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Is your partner ready for the birth of your baby?! Attending a Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop together will make sure that they are.

This Birthing Workshop is quite different to the hospital based ones. It really focus on what you can do for yourself and what your partner can do to assist you through every stage of labour. Your partner will learn the importance of their role in labour and what they can do to help you through the process, on a very practical level. You will learn how to work together, navigate your way through the “unknown” and negotiate with your care providers to have a positive joint birth experience.   

Included for $90 per couple

- 3 hour workshop- a folder with all the written material presented in the workshop- additional research based information for further reading at home- tea, coffee and snacks

Schedule / Itinerary

The Barefoot Babes Birthing Workshop runs for 3 hours, over which we cover the topics of; Stages of Labour, Pain Relief, Birthing Positions and Interventions in Labour. There is a strong focus on developing an understanding of how you and your partner play a role within each of these areas and how you can best work together.

Stages of Labour examines not only the way in which labour progresses but more importantly how you feel during each stage, what decisions you may need to make and how your partner can support you.

In Pain Relief we discuss our understanding of pain and the concept of "positive pain". We develop an understanding of both natural and medical forms of pain relief, how the birth partner can assist in natural pain relief and help the labouring women make decisions about medical pain relief.

With Birthing Positions we develop an understanding of the importance of the physical positing of a woman's body during labour and how the partner can physically support the women in a variety of positions.

Interventions looks at the number of ways in which labour can be managed and augmented. This includes inductions, the use of syntocin, epidurals, instrumental delivery and ceasareans. We examine the benefits, risks and alternatives to each and learn how to make decisions when interventions are suggested during labour.

Each topic discussed includes an element of group discussion, partnered discussion and practical activities with your partner. There is plenty of time to engage with your partner, share ideas and gain an understanding of how you both play a key part in the birth of your baby.

The workshop also includes a file of handouts (to reinforce your learning) as well as tea, coffee and snacks.